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Mail: 208 South Broadway Ave
Salem Ohio 44460

Some guidelines and how to submit your guess

Be as specific as you can with your answer. 

For example, if the picture(s) would be of a fur coat, have your guess say, “fur coat” rather than just “coat”. 

The winner will be drawn from a pool of all the correct entries. You may email your guess to or you may send a postcard mailed to Guess What, The Salem Historical Society, 208 South Lundy Avenue, Salem, Ohio 44460

You can submit guesses as long as the picture is displayed. 

The correct answer will be posted here along with a new item to guess. 

This contest's prize is a one-year membership for The Salem Historical Society. If you currently have a membership, then you may extend your membership by a year or you may give the one-year membership as a gift. 

Good luck and have fun guessing!