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Our volunteers are a vital part of the many tasks performed at the museum. Many volunteers work during our regular hours, some during our tours, and others at their convenience. We have many areas to put your skills and interest to work for our community. 

Volunteers do everything needed to maintain and preserve our Salem history. Either call or stop in during our office hours and discuss your interests and availability with us.

Here are areas of need:

  • Buildings & Grounds oversee the general maintenance of the museum. Skills required include carpentry, wiring, and general handyman.
  • Gift Shop personnel are on duty during the shop's open hours.
  • Membership works with chairman to keep records and promote membership for the Society.
  • Publications help develop and publish museum materials.
  • Public Relations promotes the Society's activities in the community and surrounding area.
  • Fund Raising plans activities to raise money. This includes organizing periodic sales events for overstock and duplicate museum items.
  • Displays arrange and maintain the many displays to keep them interesting and meaningful.
  • Clothing sorts, repairs, and organizes the many articles of clothing in our archives.
  • Docents conduct guided tours of the museum with the knowledge to explain and to answer questions.
  • Education helps develop special activities for students and groups to gain knowledge and experience Salem history.
  • Archiving sorts, organizes, and files archival material for research.
  • Antique Car Care & Maintenance keeps our 1923 Model T Ford clean and in good running order to be used for parades and other events in Salem.
  • Data-Computer Entry uses Microsoft Office and/or our museum software, Past Perfect, to develop and maintain electronic records. This includes recording all acquisitions.
  • Genealogy researches and catalogues material on individuals and families of Salem and surrounding areas.
  • Gardening maintains our beautiful landscaping.
  • Housekeeping keeps our museum clean.
  • Outside Sales manage online sales and shipping.

If you would like to volunteer, we would love to give you an opportunity to use your skills. Call us at 330-337-5814.

Volunteers hang art in Meeting Room

Volunteers hang art in Meeting Room


Some of our volunteers

The Support of our Community

John Tonti, Melissa Costa, and Brittany Zamarelli from the Salem Foundation joined us in a photo shoot.  We are very grateful for the support of so many people.  Salem indeed is a very special place.  

You can become part of this dynamic team and help to make a positive difference for Salem and future generations.  Call us!